About Exploring Judaism

Exploring Judaism is the digital home for Conservative/Masorti Judaism.


What is Exploring Judaism?

ExploringJudaism.org is about embracing the beauty and complexity of Judaism and our personal search for meaning and learning. No matter who you are or your experience in Judaism there is something to learn and explore.

This site is intended to be an ever-growing collection of resources, viewpoints, and journeys through Judaism while celebrating our commitment to balance.

  • Tradition AND Modernity
  • Particularism AND Universalism
  • Ideals AND Lived Experience
  • Individuality AND Community

Our approach is rooted in the ideas that Judaism grows with us, that we’re guided by process, and that there is beauty in the balance.

Conservative/Masorti Judaism is filled with a wide range of experiences and ideas, and we like it that way. We live at the intersection of many worlds. We understand the holding the tension between extremes as a choice, as a worldview, and as a badge of honor.

It is our hope that this site can be a home for an exploration of Judaism that is robust, informed, personal, and meaningful. It is our hope that, no matter where you are on your own life’s journey, you will find something that helps you live a Judaism that feels authentic and meaningful.

What kind of content is on here?

Our goal is to create content based on three core framings:
Meaning-Making (Why?), Practical Living (How?), and Explainers (What?).

Each of these is a way that folks approach the living of Judaism and what they are searching for. We want this site to meet the needs of its users, ideally you, and we think this covers most of it. All of it? Probably not, but it’s a good start.

We are learning as we grow.

Judaism is a work in progress, an ever-evolving Tradition. It is hard to imagine that Rabbi Akiva, a rabbi from the first century, could have anticipated Zoom services, virtual hevrutot/study groups, and information on demand. That is part of what we seek, a Judaism that grows as we do.

This site is just like that, a work in progress.

There is so much that we want to do with this site, and we recognize the great needs out there. We have high hopes and are excited by the prospect. We also know that we cannot meet everyone’s needs all at once. So we ask for patience, trust, and your partnership.

We cannot do it all alone, and we’re excited for your help and support along the way. You can find our site blog here:

We strive to be transparent as this site continues to evolve and grow. Some things will be just right out of the gate and other things will need improvement. We are definitely seeking your feedback. You can give us specific and general feedback here:

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Because this is a work in progress, we are always seeking feedback.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) is proud to pilot this website, and the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) is honored to be collaborating with the shared goal of lifting up a wide range of voices representing the diversity of Conservative/Masorti Judaism’s experiences, perspectives, and practices.